We cater for all levels from 10 and under through to Adults and from Beginners to Open level. The heights of the fences are altered according to both the age group and level of each competition.

The horse does not have to excel at show-jumping, dressage or cross country for the rider to benefit from taking part in equitation. As the rider improves his riding skills, so the horse will perform better. Riders are judged on their performance, control of the horse, correct and effective use of the aids and a light, steady contact with their horse’s mouth at all times. The challenge for any young and upcoming rider is –“to go as far as your talent will allow, without having a wonderfully talented horse or pony”.

A good equitation rider is one who is always in balance with the horse, maintaining a correct position relative to the movement they are performing and who possesses a commanding, relaxed presence, being able to direct the horse with seemingly invisible aids. Over fences, the rider should maintain an even, forward pace and meet each fence at an appropriate distance.

The goal of equitation is to educate, set a standard of correct horsemanship nationally and to give exposure at a grass roots level to as many instructors and young riders as possible. This goal will be achieved by continuing to encourage the improvement of effective and correct riding by means of seminars, competitions, clinics, etc. We aim to nurture riders from grass roots level, through the grades from Welcome to Open level, where-after (or during) they will feed into the 3 main Olympic disciplines as well as Showing. Equitation should thus be viewed as an important development arm for the sport as a whole.